Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Finally I feel that I've accomplished something in a day!  I got my husband up early and while he readied himself to join the living, I puttered around doing little chores. I searched, too, high and low, for two envelopes. One had two receipts in it and one was full of information for Medicare Complete. Both were Mom's, and I was beside myself that I couldn't locate them....and still haven't. I probably picked them up with my paid bills and put them in the pile to be filed. I was about to  check that when Mom rang the doorbell with a couple of checks to be written before the mail lady arrived.

By the time Mike was ready to leave, at noon, to finish some yard work at the Preacher's house, I was ready to sit and create.Before I could do that, though, I prepared the vegetables and the pot roast for the slow-cooker, and then made myself some lunch.  Ahhhh...with a full stomach, I was good to go.  I gathered my sewing 'stuff' and plunked myself down in 'my' corner of the couch. I turned on Pandora radio on my computer, and began working on some ornaments.....snowmen.

I cut out a couple of bodies and embroidered their faces on them.  Since I'm attempting to find something that will suit the ornament exchange with some primitive decorating friends, I took the snowmen to the kitchen and soaked them for a minute in the coffee that was left in the pot from the morning.  I guess that will all work fine, except those snowmen are just a tad smaller than I hoped they'd be.  Then I decided that I needed to change gears. I began cutting out and embroidering just the faces of snowmen instead.  That seemed to work better.  I dyed them with the coffee as well, and am much happier with those.  They're each placed on a wooden spoon handle, standing in a couple of glasses, on my kitchen window sill.

In the end, I'm not sure whether either group of dirty snow men will head to my 14 friends...but if they do, I'm more than a third of the way there. If not, they will go on my own 'prim' tree, or hang from a garland from the old mantle piece.  In that case, I've got to keep thinking, keep experimenting, keep producing ideas. Last night my hands were so stiff from all the hand sewing.  I do have a machine...two, in fact...but if you're going 'prim', then go all the way and do things the way they did it way back then.  But, at least, at the end of the day, I feel as if I accomplished something in the making of 3 bodies and 6 heads.

Oh! By the way, did I ever tell you that I finished those shutters?!  Yes...I did!  Now I'm waiting to get them hung!  Today's big project will take me to the hardware store for some hanging things, and some more and a quart of colonial red, if you please.  There's a ladder awaiting my attention....