Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn Rest

After an enormously busy month of meetings, house 're-do's' and social activities, and before the holidays, we need a break! We're taking a play day. I suggested a ride up to the Lake where we can view the mountains and forests surrounding the water, and take some photos of the beautiful Fall color.

As I drove to the church at 5:30 pm yesterday, it was raining and quite dim in the pre-dusk hour. I was immediately struck by the brilliance of the area. It seemed that over-night the frost had kissed the trees, and they burst forth in every bright color of Autumn. What a glorious sight! The golden nut trees, the red maples, the brown and orange oaks seemed to put on their very best show!

I've always like Autumn, and when it's here, it's my favorite season. I like to listen to 'the September Song' and relate it to the seasons. I'm in the stage of life that I hope is late Summer and early Autumn. I pray it will be a long season for me, in life, I mean. I so enjoy living and seeing all that life brings my way. It is ever colorful, and though I sometimes 'over-book' myself, it's good to have meaning and purpose for the days.

There are items on my calendar that await accomplishment, but today I will take off with my favorite traveling partner, and I will breathe in the cool air and the radiance of these days. I will rest in the knowledge that this day is one for relaxation and renewal and reflection.

Tomorrow I will get back to work, but I won't think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow.