Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ode to Erinne

Today's offering is an oldie....written in 1975, when my daughter was four years old. She's just a few weeks ago had her 40th birthday. I get a kick out of reading this because it's a quick rhyming story of something that truly happened. I hope you find a chuckle in it. Here goes:

One sunny day my little girl, whose age is a ripe, old three,
Went out to play and she climbed up in the great big old oak tree.
She sat in a fork, and she sat some more until I heard her call to me,
"Mommy, Mommy please come quick, 'cuz I'm stuck up in the old oak tree."

I pushed and I shoved, and I yanked and I pulled but I couldn't pull her free.
I had visions of the neighbor man's saw cutting down the old oak tree~
So, I prayed and I begged and I pleaded and I coaxed but I still couldn't set her free.
I had more visions of my little girl staying there eternally!

I prayed some more and I yanked some more and she came out with a 'slurp' finally,
Then I went inside to fix myself a strong cup of camomile tea.
I left her outside to play for a bit while I took care of me
And five minutes later I heard her call, "Come quick I'm stuck up in the old oak tree!"