Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In These Moments....

She said, "Life sure is a rollercoaster ride." Indeed it is. When we wake up each morning, we never know what will occur within the next 24 hours of our lives. Yet, we go about the days making our plans, thinking of what we can do in our off hours, what we will do in our working ones.

She is in the midst of a serious health issue and yesterday, she was told that she must have chemotherapy treatments. That was not the news she'd hoped to hear, but it is now something that she must face. She has a positive attitude, and that's a good weapon in the fight, but still, the thought of the journey before her has left her reeling.

It's so easy for us, who stand on the outside watching, to say the encouraging words. It's easy for us to believe, too, that our prayers will help. We are not the ones who bear this burden, as she does, but we want to share the burden because she is our friend, our sister, our comrade in womanhood. We know we would want and need that support, if this was our own issue, rather than hers.

She said that's important for us to take care of ourselves. She is right. We cannot know what lies within the hours, days, months, years that are before us, but we can prepare ourselves by caring for ourselves. If and when a health issue occurs, early detection is a very good indication of a good prognosis. If and when that news is given to us, it is imperative to stand against it, to fight with every ounce of strength within us, and to call upon others for support in the fight. We cannot turn tail and run, but rather look the enemy in the eye, and go, full speed ahead in battle.

She said that it'll all be alright no matter which way it goes. That was her faith speaking. She is right about that too. It will be alright. However, since we cannot see beyond the end of our noses, we must try not to project ourselves into the future. There is so much to do here and now.
There is work to be done, love to share, encouragement to offer. These are ours to give. These are the moments we have in which to give these things. Let us use our moments to think good thoughts, do good works, support one another. Let our moments count for something.