Sunday, October 6, 2013


My heart is heavy today, for a few reasons.  I've seen on Facebook that some who are connected with me in reality and some who are known only by Facebook interaction are suffering.  Some are truly troubled, others are irritated by things in their lives.  I've given them some prayer time, and much thought. I know that these things  will pass, and most will come out of these troubles having learned something from them, and with growth because of them.

As for me, I have an irritation. There is an association with one who seeks, unfailingly, to attack me in some form or fashion, regardless of what I say. This one is a disagreeable person, even when I attempt to avoid conflict, it comes directly at me.  I've tried to ignore it, I've tried to rationalize it, I've tried to be understanding. I'm not one who cares much for dissention.  Apparently, I rub this one the wrong way. I cannot avoid this one, as we are members of the same group and often have interaction with the other mutual friends.  Overall, I have a very pleasant experience and have had with my fellow Facebookers.  This one, though, is my thorn in the flesh.

I'll get through this without further incident.....I hope.  It'll be a mind game on my part, not to in any way acknowledge the presence of one who seems to want an all out war of words with me.  Right now my head is telling me to do just this, when inside I'm feeling annoyed that I can't type a thing without some negative reaction from that one.

 Ahhhhh well, such is life, I suppose.  Nobody is loved by everyone....I'll just stick to the ones who care about me, I guess.