Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tool Box

I have a tool box full of things I need for various tasks...pliers, hammer, screwdrivers, sandpaper, a little sander, etc. There are other tools in my other tool boxes ...paints and brushes, inks and stamps, pens and canvases for craft painting. There are sewing tools and knitting implements and a never-ending supply of kitchen tools.  I am well equipped for any job I might do.

How would I accomplish my chores or my hobbies without these tools?  Oh, I might find an alternative item with which to hammer a nail into the wall, but a hammer was made for the purpose, and works far more efficiently than the heel of a shoe does. 

Daily we rise and begin our day, never knowing what it is that will be a part of the hours ahead of us. Perhaps it will be a peaceful, uneventful time, but what if it isn't?  God has given us tools with which to live an abundant life. We need to use them! How easily we climb out of bed and get dressed, going forth into each day, but forgetting to put on our whole armor and failing to pick up our weapons for the fight!

God keeps us, equips us, speaks to us, fights for us, strengthens us, guides us, and so much more. But why is it that we leave Him behind and try to do it all on our own? The Toolbox is filled with His book of instructions and prayer and supplication, thanksgiving and fasting .  As with any other part of our lives, we cannot be successful at the chore  at hand without the proper use of the tools.  We could not make a decent cake without a recipe. God's book is the Recipe for Living.  Prayer is the letting go of the problem and the release of all trying.  Thanksgiving is the recognition of His help in all things.
With this in mind, I go to don my armor!  Have you put yours on today?