Saturday, April 21, 2012


A friend of mine was creating her own cookbook to give to her family members. With the recipes, she placed pictures of family gatherings, the dish, the ingredients,  or individual family members. She described one picture to me of her husband sleeping in a chair. I decided to send her this, and I believe it was included in her book!

Take one charming host
Add two glasses of wine..
Drink while mingling well with guests....
Pour third glass of wine
Combine with choice of appetizers...
After completely demolishing those,
Fill large plate with hefty portions of entree
Devour and refill, while ingesting another glass of wine, or two, if desired.
Clear table
While digesting inhaled food,
 Serve filling, fattening, dessert
Be social for as long as it takes
Kiss guests goodnight
Retire to favorite chair
Take antacid..
And find sleep while wife cleans up after party.
~Kathleen Beebe Waygood
July 23, 2010