Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Louder, more bold, overbearing, he speaks.  She tries to explain....he shouts above her in condescending tones, insinuating that she is a dim wit.  She endures, but does not believe his words. She is convinced of her worth, not to him, but of her own worth in the world she lives in. She will not argue with a fool, for she knows that she wins by walking away.

Let him believe as he will, as there is no changing his mind. She knows that. She is on her way to better places, it's only a matter of time before she will see him no more. He will not know where she goes, she is sure of that, for he has no idea of her plan or the people who protect her now and will do so in the future.

He has no idea of the way they laugh at his behavior, of the names they speak to her in private, but not in public, places. His social skills are lacking severely, he's always been a loner, and is now, as well. He's unaware that he exhibits unacceptable behavior.  He has been approached about it, but as brilliant as he thinks he is, he does not comprehend that his modus operandi  will not be tolerated. He is, in his mind, superior to all others, and he has no reason to listen to voices other than his own. He's unteachable.

She knows, she understands his problems, and she's finished with him and his degradation, his pompous arrogance, his bombastic, inflated ego. She knows who she is and what he is, and she's leaving it all behind her. That's what happens to people like him.

It doesn't always happen that way for people like her. Some are ruined because of the belief in his words. Some are caught in the cage of lies. Some don't have protection, or a place to go.  She does, and as she walks away, she remembers the words of one who once said, " It is a small man, indeed, who must degrade another in order to appear great, if only in his own eyes." 

She has won her war and walks away without so much as a battle scar.