Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Quilts

Awhile back, I wrote a blog entry about afghans and quilts made by my female ancestors.  I promised that I would show some pictures once I dragged them out of their hiding places and took some photos of them.  These are some, but not all of them.  I may show some of the others at a later date...but today, it's just these.

 This is called an 8 Point star pattern.  It is not quilted, but rather, is tied with bits of yarn. It's thicker than a lot of quilts are. It was made by my maternal Grandmother, probably in the 1920's. She may have had help from my GrGrandmother, but though we know they did work on some,  we're not sure which of the quilts they worked on together.

This pattern is called Churn Dash...and it was done by my Great Grandmother on my father's side. It was made some time in the mid to late 1800's, and some of the fabrics are quite worn, suggesting that they might have been fabrics from clothing that was worn prior to the quilt being made. This one is quilted and has a cotton batting between the top and the back. It's quite heavy, but not thick.

This one is another coverlet made by my maternal grandmother, called Maple Leaf. 

This Double Wedding Ring pattern is quilted and hand stitched.  It was made by my grandmother, and she, most probably, was assisted by her mother...and/or perhaps one of her two sisters.  My grandmother was married  in 1913, and the quilt was made somewhere around that time.  

I'm thrilled to be the owner of these.