Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas is Coming...

Gosh...it's so close, and I'm running behind on so many things. I'm not ready for Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas. Generally by this time of year, I've got all of my gift shopping finished and waiting for wrapping. I also am well under way, if not finished, with making all the cards that will be sent or taken to church to offer my greetings for Christmas. Not this year.

BUT!  In the corner of the living room stands our new artificial Christmas tree!  Yeah, yeah, I know...so please don't scold me about it being too early!  It definitely IS, but there's a reason, you see.  Though we always wait until, at least, the second week of December to begin decorating, this year the New York kids are coming!  I want to have the decorating finished before they arrive, since they can't be here for Christmas itself.  We'll look more festive around here and the exchange of our gifts three weeks early will feel more like  Christmas.

So...there it stands, bare naked, and looking somewhat out of place. But I've got other things to do, and guests coming for Thanksgiving too....so I've got to get things done as early as I can, since my back doesn't allow for long stints of standing and doing. (My back is aged...and so are my feet....but let it be known, I AM NOT OLD!)  Since much of what has to be done requires a good amount of time on my feet, I'll make preparations when I can, regardless of how silly it looks at the time.

I think I should also do a little early baking and freeze the cookies and breads. I will probably not do as much as I have in the past, but I'd like to have some of the baking finished before the girls arrive in early December. Menu planning too, is already underway....not just for Thanksgiving, but for the ten days the kids will be here. We may even shop at the same time for some of the things that will keep in the freezer or pantry for the Christmas meal.

It's such a busy time of year which starts very soon, so forgive me, if you will, for starting so early!