Monday, May 28, 2012


Bosses... some of them are happy, some are grumpy
Some are very  fashionable, some are a bit too frumpy.
Some are very fair and some certainly are not so
Some are always in the workplace, some are always on the go.

Bosses come in a variety of shapes and  sizes
Some are quite thin..from all their exercises.
Some are quite heavy from eating out a lot
Some are quite healthy, some are surely not!

Some bosses see the value in their employees
Others think you should wipe their noses if they sneeze,
Some bosses give bonuses if they have a prosperous year
Some hardly want to pay you wages, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Some bosses are demanding, as if to them you owe
Some are quite appreciative, a few of them I know.
But from what I've known of bosses over many years,
I can say for the most part, I'm glad Retirement is here!

Kathleen B. Waygood
May 28, 2012