Friday, October 28, 2011

Rejoice with Those

This portion of a verse in the Bible has been playing over and over in my mind for more than a week now. You see, a friend and church-mate was operated on not quite two weeks ago. She'd had a non-cancerous brain tumor which could have had devastating results, but didn't.  There is nothing that can make you rejoice in your heart more than seeing God answer your prayers. Robin woke from her surgery, waving her hand around, and rejoicing in God's goodness to her. Knowing that surgery was a success for her caused me to rejoice with her!

To see her attend church 6 days after surgery filled me, as well as our church family, with thanksgiving!  We so often pray for things to happen, and we expect God to work. He never disappoints us, but often does things differently from what we might have asked. You see, He knows ALL things....we have only tunnel vision. He knows what's best.... we see only what we want.  In this case, we got what we prayed for, and as we see Robin recuperating quickly, we are filled with joy and gratitude!

Last night we took a meal to the family, to make things a little easier on them all.  Her husband is at home for a bit of time while she heals, and he's capable of cooking. But, why not help where we can?  We shared a nice visit with them all before leaving them to have their dinner, which was a bit delayed by our visit. We left the home with renewed joy in the fact that other than one foot that doesn't want to respond to the brain's command, Robin is good as new! I have every hope that, in time, the foot will stop being stubborn, and do what it is meant to do. 

In the meantime, we lift our prayers in thanks for all that has taken place in this matter. We rejoice with those who rejoice.... and we continue to ask for complete healing in the future. Thank you, Lord!