Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random Thoughts

This week has passed so swiftly and I've found myself wrapped up in much busy-ness.

We were away most of last week, returning home on Tuesday. That always means unpacking and putting away, at least one load of laundry and other catching up to do. It's bill-paying time of the month, and since I like to pay them as they come in (all 4 of them!) I had to sit and write checks.  The water bill jumped from the usual $22 to $69. That was due to a mistake my husband made, going to bed and leaving the sprinkler on all night, so it ran for 12 straight hours from start to finish!  Ack! I don't care as much about the size of the bill as much as I do the wasting of water, but what's done is done, and I'm sure our plants are happier for it. We'll have to make an effort not to make them quite so happy again, though! 

Our friends' daughter is being married in September, and a bridal shower is on the calendar for tomorrow. That means that I had to shop for a gift from us and one from Mom, who is invited as well. Then I made the cards to accompany the presents.  We're invited to another wedding in July, a couple in our church who we don't know at all. We're not sure what to do about gifts or even if we'll attend, but it's on our minds.

Our church is having Vacation Bible School next week and I was asked to prepare a craft item for that. It's almost finished, and I'm not happy with it, but it's what I was asked to do, so do it I did!
And speaking of crafts, one of the online groups I'm a part of is doing a "Christmas in July" ornament exchange. I've still got a few more of those to do, and then it will be time to get them in the mail. I can't wait to see what will come my way in a few weeks!  What fun to exchange crafts with new friends!

I'd so love to be at the beach in this heat, but we'll wait until Fall before we head for our first visit to the SC coast. We'd like to see Myrtle Beach, but not at tourist time! We've never been to Charleston, so we'd like to tour that city,too, while we're over that way.  I'm sure that we will come home with one of those famous grass baskets that the Gullah people in the "low country" sell!  I love local crafts and folk art.

I need to get busy and wrap these gifts, and finish the project for VBS.  I'll see you all tomorrow, or as we used to say in the days of CB communication, "I'll catch you on the flip-flop."  'Til then, be well and keep smiling!