Friday, March 20, 2009


Coffee: I love coffee. I wake each morning and, after a compulsory trip to the bathroom, I stumble to the kitchen counter to make a pot of the stuff. I can barely wait as the strong brew follows its path from the funnel to the carafe below. Sometimes I can't wait, and pour a mugful before the entire pot has finished filling.

It took me a many years to find out that I liked coffee. I'd always been a tea drinker. When I went to work at a realty/insurance office, there was a never-ending pot of coffee going, and that's when I began this habit. I created my cup with a lot of sugar and a great deal of dry creamer. In time I discovered that half and half was my additive of choice, and I drink my java with no sugar at all now, if I make it at home. I will admit, though, that I have to order 'sugar on the side' when I get a take-out cup of coffee, and often add something to sweeten a cup when made by friends. Everyone's recipe for a pot of coffee is different, and different brands of coffee tend to need adjustment to match up to the taste of your normal cup.

Motel rooms often provide a two cup pot and pre-packaged coffee and dry fixings, so that when their customers rise, they will be able to have their first cup of their morning drink. I appreciate their efforts, but I prefer to dress and go to a coffee counter somewhere, for something that resembles my version of a cup of joe.

Coffee has long been a companion to women when they meet together for a short social time. Many business people have a coffee cup on the desk or in the vehicle while traveling. My husband actually carries his large travel mug everywhere, drinking coffee all day long. (His buddy and former workmate always kids him about his 'Magic Tea Pot') I limit mine to two cups a day, but rarely drink that much, considering that my coffee cup is really two cups in size.

I wake to a mild headache which is chased off with that first mug of hot coffee. It seems I'm mildly addicted to the stuff. I'd better go drink that waiting cup while it's still hot.