Friday, January 27, 2012

Car Trouble

After reading a friend's blog about road assistance when her car broke down, I remembered a couple of instances when we needed help with broken down cars.  I'll share what happened with one of these vehicles of our past.

Seven or eight years ago I owned a Plymouth Voyager van which I referred to as "the Eggplant" because of it's dark purple color.  It was, overall, a good car, but toward the last days of my ownership, it began to give me fits. It would be operating just fine when out of the blue, it would lose power. The engine was running, but the car wouldn't respond to the gas pedal and I'd have to pull over to the side of the road, turn it off, and wait. When it got ready, it would start again and behave just the way anyone would expect it to.  These episodes happened without warning  and at random.....sometimes it was days, sometimes months between these events.

Each time we experienced one of these stubborn moods of the Eggplant, we'd take it...or tow our mechanic. We had practically rebuilt the darned thing by the time we decided that it was time to stop pouring money into it endlessly, only to find the problem still existed. Eventually we figured that was IT. Enough was enough. My stepson took the van, and had very little trouble with it. I guess it just didn't like me.  Well, the feeling was mutual by that time..... I didn't like it very much either!