Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Under Control....

I think  I've got things under control for the big day. I was running behind for a bit, but finally I determined that I'd do what I could, taking every day as it came, and slow and steady would win the race.
With the coming of my NYers, I was pushed to do it sooner than usual, but I think it's all done, but for the cards, now. This week I'll concentrate on the girls, spending time focusing on them and our time together. Next week I can really put my feet up and enjoy the days before Christmas, instead of having them zoom past me without any time to reflect on anything.

We went to Georgia for the weekend, to daughter #2's  house.  The four daughters and their assortment of kids, from 18 years old to 6years old, gathered for photos and food and fun. And FUN it was!  Some of the comedy was fit for the stage...some was not fit for human ears! But that's generally true in this bunch. What's a mother to do? Put in ear plugs, I guess...or just deal with what conversation she doesn't appreciate.

We talked...a lot. We laughed more. We played a word game called "Tabu" and we shared time and love and meals and Christmas gifts with the NYers.  Some of us came home to our house yesterday, some will be here tonight...and the Georgia ones will be here on Friday night. So...we'll have more ruckus and laughs coming up soon.

Other than that, we hope to see some Christmas lights in the area, bake some cookies together, sing a little....and even shop for a possible home for the NYers to move to. (Mom hopes this will happen!! I long so for them to be closer so this family time can be spent more often.)

Meanwhile, whatever the future holds is out of my hands. The rest of the week may be too, but it will be shared, come what may, with my loved ones, and nothing makes this Mama happier than that.