Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tra La, It's May! The Merry Month of May...

I found myself humming that song from Camelot last night. It was an incredibly lovely evening. The air was a bit cooler and heavier than usual, with the promise of rain. The fragrance of the honeysuckle was heavy and heavenly! Mom and I had a short visit while I waited for our dinner to finish cooking, and we remarked again and again about the aroma of the sweet vine. I could have stayed on the porch all night to breathe it in.

There's no telling what the month of May will bring to us in the upstate of SC. Last year the weather was down-right hot, much more so than that of the following month. It was also dangerously dry at that time. This year it's been very pleasant temperatures with a lot of rain.

The grass is green again. The flowers in the garden are loving all the water. The Asian Lilies are popping open to join the yellow, white and blue Siberian Irises, the Mexican Sage, the Roses, and a bouquet of other blooms. It's quite colorful, and very rewarding, to see our work come together in such a spectacular array. It's also a great blessing not to have to use our street water and run up the water bill in order to keep things alive!
May is most definitely alive. The ladybugs are in abundance, the butterflies are back, the birds are enjoying the birdbaths and houses, even the humming birds have been visiting! The air is full of fragrance and song. Very soon the sound of happy children being released from school for the summer will join the sounds of nature. The vegetable gardens are planted and thriving, and oh! the strawberries are ripe for the picking!

What a wonderful month is May! It is the time of transition...from cool to warm, from bare to blossom. Tra la, it's May...the merry month of May!