Monday, May 23, 2011


A few weeks ago I wrote about hats under the title 'Church Attire'.  In that entry, I made a decision to begin wearing hats to church again.  Since then, I've dug out my old ones, bought two new ones, and have begun the process of 'decorating' those chapeaus.

I've worn a few of them to worship services and last week one of our men, who sits just behind me, mentioned that he thought ladies hats always had flowers on them. Until then, I hadn't given much thought to decorating them, other than a ribbon hatband.  With Otis' statement ringing in my ears, I headed for my craft room to dig out some silk flowers.  I found a couple, but they weren't what I wanted, so I drove to Hobby Lobby to see what was available.  Fortunately, they had a number of things that were suitable, and better yet, they were on sale, as were the spools of ribbon.

Returning home, I got to work on an arrangement for my white hat.  The ribbon band was graduated shades of dusty rose.  Then I placed some sprays of  small white flowers with pearl centers with some dusty pink rose blossoms. When the design pleased me, I wired the flowers together and clasped it to the ribbon band.  From there, I moved on to organizing ribbon color to flowers, for future millinery use. 

Yesterday I removed the pink things from the white hat, and placed them, instead, on the wide-brimmed black hat, since I was wearing a pink and black outfit. The floral arrangement was placed at the back of the hat.  My efforts were not lost. I was pleased with the look, and many compliments came my way. 

I am still the only one who wears a hat regularly, but it's still early. I have the hope to inspire those ladies at church to wear the hats they've  been thinking about. They've been afraid to be the only one to wear anything on their heads. In the meantime, even if I'm the solo hat wearer, I'm having a grand time decorating my new fashion accessories!