Thursday, February 4, 2010


When I was younger and about three sizes smaller, I loved to go shopping for clothes. These days, I abhor the activity.

Why is it that 'designers' don't make flattering clothing for short, chunky women? Once a body enters out of the 'junior' sizes, everything becomes dark and 'frumpy'. When you've had a few children and you're subject to family genes which tend to be only those which cause fat to stick to the bones, you have little choice in clothing styles.

Well, I suppose that's not altogether true. If you have a hefty wallet, there may be hope for you. But if you're living on a budget and still want to be stylish, it's tough. The garments created for short, curvy women seem to be made for women of an elderly age. Even at the age of sixty plus years, I'm not ready to dress in black with fuller skirts and longer length....looking like I'm about to attend the funeral of my oldest friend. I also don't care to look as if I'm trying to fight old age. If the designs are made in lovely prints and colors, they seem to be made for fourteen year olds. I don't want to wear necklines cut to the navel and hemlines cut to the upper thigh. I don't want my waistband to meet my hem, either.

Is there no sweet medium between funeral attire or baggy britches and skin-tight high schoolers duds? Is there no one out there with a pen and a drawing board and eyes that see women as we really are? I'd be happy to show you a true body-type, and to collect the many others around me who have the same complaints. We are young at heart, well-endowed women who want to look nice, and still stay within our financial boundaries.

Come on, Fashion designers, you're ignoring a whole segment of society. Take a look at us, and fill the stores with something we can actually buy and feel good wearing.