Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sometimes things happen in life that are confusing, unpleasant, and upsetting.  I have a one on one relationship with God, and I'm so glad I do. I speak with Him all the time, not necessarily on my knees, but He's always close and I beleive He reads my mind and thoughts.

Recently a sweet family friend disappeared. It was hard to function during the four days that he was 'lost', with no word to anyone from him. We didn't know his whereabouts or his condition. Tough days, full of prayers and caring thoughts from others, as well as encouraging words to each other.  We all felt a little 'stunned' and as if a gray cloud hung over us. Some of us found it difficult to think about a holiday of Thanksgiving when someone we loved was who-knows-where, and there was little motivation to cook and clean in preparation of  a gathering.

Prayers kept flying heavenward. Though we did not know where our friend was, God always did.  I am happy to say that our friend was found alive.... and our gratitude and relief is overwhelming. Today we make our preparations for our dinners and we raise our prayers in thanks to our God who heard our concerns, keeping our friend within His view,  took compassion on us, and answered those prayers.  A day of Thanksgiving for sure!