Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Other Words....

Golly!  Does anyone speak  English anymore?  When I was in school I had a teacher, Mrs. Haas, who was a stickler  for using perfect grammar and pronounciation. She also didn't allow 'slang' in her classroom.  (Uh oh...I called Mrs. Haas a 'stickler'!  I'd better change that. Mrs. Haas was 'anal' about slang.  No, more slang.  She was totally bonkers about using words that weren't 'real'.  Ok...well,  you get my drift! She was absolutely determined to teach us to speak correctly.)

Mrs. Haas would be having a fit these days. Everywhere I look, including in the mirror, there are words coming out of people's mouths that are anything but the Queen's English.  Let's see... we're going to watch T.V in HD, or we'll view something we've DVR'd.  If that's not worth watching, we'll pull out the VCR and watch a VHS tape we've recorded.

When we travel in our SUV, or the RV, we'll entertain ourselves with music from a CD. We'll travel I-85 on our day trip, stopping for lunch at Mickey D's along the way.   We'll pass by USC on our route, and make a big deal of the weather, which is just the opposite of the predictions on CBS.

We think about the buds we have who are in ICU. There are two others who have COPD, another is being treated for CHF.  We're freaked out over a friend's marital break up. We're glad that we treat each other with TLC.

I think of the way Mrs. Haas would view this blog. She'd totally flip out!  If she was still teaching today, she'd be greeted by her students with something like "Yo, Mrs. H!  Wassup?"  The poor woman tried...she really did, and for the most part, she succeeded.  But, these days I think she'd be fighting a losing battle.