Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tis the Day Before Easter and....

All through the house, the dust bunnies have been vacuumed up and the place is pretty well organized.  I need to hurry myself along, as my eldest daughter and her two teenagers will arrive within the hour.

We've got the menus planned...easy stuff until tomorrow's dinner, and even at that, it's easy for me, because Mike will be cooking. He's such a great cook, and he cooks most every dinner for us, with a little help from the rest of us. He'd really rather do it alone, as he likes to move around the kitchen without hinderance or 'shadows' attached to his toes like Peter Pan's.

There will be a full ham dinner, lemon pie and chocolate layered pies. We cheated on the dessert, by purchasing it, as I'm the world's worst pie-crust maker! (Does anyone want to share their favorite recipe for a no-fail crust?)  Mom has always made our pies, but her last efforts have not pleased her. She has trouble reading recipes now... and though she knows the ingredients by heart, she somehow isn't able to make things as well as she used to, and she gets frustrated.  We have been grateful for her efforts, whether she likes them or not, and I will miss them at our meals.

I have to go over to Mom's house today and give her a haircut. It's long enough to put up in a little bun now, but she hates it, so I'll cut it short again, and fluff it up so that her natural curl takes over. That should please her. I used to cut my own, but have trouble now with my right shoulder, so it's hard to get into the correct position to cut it well.  I need a haircut too, but can manage to get by until I get one. I've enough body and wave to look presentable if I try.

There's much to do, and I should take my shower now...before the kids arrive. So, I will leave you all, and wish each of you a blessed Easter Sunday.  How will you celebrate it? you're answering that question, please feel free to pass along any of your favorite recipes, especially for that pie crust!