Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's That Time Again...

What happened to Summer? Two or three days ago,it was nearly 80 degrees. Today it won't get above 62 degrees...and started out at 48!  Yikes!  I like the changing seasons....but a gentle change, one that sneaks in slowly, is far more welcome to me than a blast of cold air when you climb out of bed. Our temperatures are below normal at the moment,for this time of year.

Oh, Hallelujah! I've had half an ear on the TV, waiting for the weather forecast for the next few days. We'll be climbing back up to  the mid-high 70's before the weekend! Now those are the kind of numbers I like to spend my days with!  It's cool enough to be comfortable, and yet warm enough,too, so that we can still wear short sleeves. Yesterday I found myself piling on the layers of long-sleeved shirt,sweatshirt,sweatpants, and warm socks. Then I wrapped myself in the small quilt that graces the back of the couch.

We can take some of the chill off the air inside the house by doing more 'oven-cooking',  At this time of year it's natural to want heavier foods....meatloaf, winter squashes, casseroles and stews.  I think it's Mother Nature's way of helping our bodies stay warmer. Well, it works for me!  I'm not ready for turning on the heat.  I'll wait until 'the last horn toots'. When I can't get out of the shower without icicles hanging from my nose, then I'll cave in and crank up the thermostat.'Til then, I'll dress in those bulky clothes, and move less gracefully than the Michelin man does.

Ready or not, Kids. We're heading into the cold weather.  While I look forward to heartier food, lower temperatures, colorful trees, I'm really not ready for it yet. I think the week of Thanksgiving would be a good time to start feeling a 'nip' in the air....working up to a gentle,light snowfall for Christmas, followed by the New Year and a slow warm up through 'til next Thanksgiving.

Well, since I don't run the zoo, I guess I'll just have to go with the flow.