Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mid-Week and Mid-Month

Here we are smack in the middle of the week...and the month. What happened to the last two weeks? They came and went so fast, I can't even remember what I did during those days!

We have finally put up the chandelier over the dining area table. That baby puts out some light...400 watts, currently. (no pun intended!)  Yesterday we bought a dimmer switch, which will allow us to control that glaring fixture, but it will also afford us the light if we're doing something where we need that much. (I can't imagine needing that much for any reason,'s there.)  Yes, we might have opted for small watt bulbs in the fixture which holds ten candles, but the day I was shopping for bulbs locally, there was nothing smaller in the candle bulbs than 40 watts. I knew it was too much, but couldn't find anything less that day. Since then, I've found 7-60 watt ones and flickering ones and frosted ones and clear ones and colored ones.  We'll make do with the switch, I think.

Also, believe it or not, the shutters are now hung and making me very happy!  They didn't work in the kitchen/dining room where I wanted to put them, because on one window they'd have covered half of a triple light switch and on the other side, there's a cabinet that would cover half of the shutter, unless I chose to move the albatross cabinet....and I didn't. So, they are hung on the living room windows, and I'm fine with that.

I think today I'll make some new valances with that black and cream checked fabric I bought ages ago.  I'd like to get them done before the kids get here. I'd also like to get my cards made, but I fear that there won't be any home-made ones this year.

I'm going to pull all of the beachy theme stuff out of the half-bath, too. I've got some other things I'll put up in there...some old quilt squares that I'll frame, and a small ladder shelf. The guest rooms are ready, I just need to vacuum them again before anyone uses them.

Meanwhile...we've done a mini- grocery shopping. Some things were on sale this week, so we took advantage of that...turkey, pot roast and the fattest pork chops I've ever seen made their way into the basket with other needful items.  We're making some headway.

So...if I'm going to make any more of that (headway), I'd better wave good-bye and get busy in some way other than dancing on the keyboard with my fingers! 'Til next time...