Friday, March 23, 2012


The warmth of dawn drew me from
The shelter of the night.
I entered the damp silver air
And was welcomed by the tune
Of rhythmic dripping from the leaves.
As I wandered about the familiar paths
The light grew stronger.
I looked into the garden on the east side
And was bewildered.
There upon the tall grasses sat white
Strangely shaped structures, still wet from rain.
I went to explore their formations,
Looking much like feathers from a distance.
Nearer to them, I could see that
They were delicate, silken webs.
They sat on low grasses, like faerie bowls
And within the openings of the garden fence
Like tiny bug nets.
And there! There ...strung within the fork
Of the fragile branches of a vine,
Were theads of silver, beaded with crystal dew drops!
Treasures in my garden....awaiting my awakening
And my awareness.
KBW 3-14-2012