Sunday, March 7, 2010

Living in Church

Over the years, some of my family and friends have commented that we 'live in church.' Granted, we often spend a good deal of time at our church, but I've yet to actually sleep there, even during the most boring of times!

However, I have often wished we could purchase a church building after it's been determined to be no longer useful to it's congregants. I want a REAL church, not a modern, flat roofed, sprawling brick building, but one with a steeple, bell-tower. loft, and stained glass windows. If it still has old wooden pews and an alter, all the better. Why do I want such a thing? Because I dream of actually living in church.

I've seen homes on TV, beautiful homes, transformed from church buildings. I think I had the notion long before I'd seen any, though. Think of living in something with high-ceiling, and a large balcony or loft, over-looking the area below. It might be perfect to place a complete second floor above it, or around it, with some glass windows that would allow views and light to the lower level. Think of a master bath which incorporates the baptismal pool. Wow! What a bathtub or indoor hot tub that would make. The stained glass windows would add such ambiance to each room...splintered color washing over the area with warmth and reminder of age-old Biblical figures and their lives! The wooden altar would make a lovely dining table with pews as its benches...or would that use be too sacrilegious? I have no desire to be disrespectful to God in my use of the church building or its furnishings!

I do hate the thought of these lovely old buildings being sold to who knows who and for who knows what purpose when there are people like me who would live in them, knowing what they stand for and respecting and preserving them. But, I fear that this one of my dreams will not come to reality. It's probably alright, in the long run, because with all my thoughts of the beauty and wonder and 'good feeling' I have about living in such a sacred place, there's another handful of thoughts. First of all, I wouldn't be happy to live in a busy area, where most churches are built. Secondly, the cost of a building in such a commercial (usually) area would be far too high for my wallet. Thirdly, the cost of renovation would probably be equal to the selling price. On top of that, what on earth would it cost to heat the place?

All things happen for a reason. I'm just as happy to live in my home, which is nearly as sacred to me because of the love in it as a church is.