Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Privy

We want a 'privy'. For those of you who are too young to know what that's an outhouse. We don't care to have it for it's intended use, which was, back in the good, old days, a rest room. We've used a few of them on our camping escapades, and believe me, it is an 'odiferous' experience not usually desired to be had again. However, as they say, 'any port in a storm.'

We really know we're in the country when we ride along in the car and suddenly see an outhouse on an old property. We've seen them...original ones...on properties which have newer homes and on land with houses that stand looking abandoned and delapitated. I don't know why it gives us such joy to see them still standing, but for some reason, my husband and I both are happy to see the old relics.

Now, I will go back to my earlier statement about wanting one. We don't so much want an old one, for the majority of them have seen better days, having withstood the elements for years numbering close to a century. We'd be glad to have a brand new little shack with a half moon cut into the door, maybe one that they used to call a '2 seater'. Why do we desire to plunk such a building out near our mini-barn shed? Because it would make a great little garden tool shed. It might drive some of our fussier neighbors over the edge, but they'll just have to tolerate it. We don't tell them what to place in their yards, do we?

My husband was born with, and has developed well, a very odd sense of humor. If he had his way, he would get an old toilet, and he'd plant something in it and tell everyone that it's the original 'pot plant' as we saw once in Pennsylvania. Neighbors be on alert! As long as I'm alive, there will be no visual of that sort of potted garden from your windows. However...if he outlives me, I can't promise anything. Also be notified that you may also see a life-sized, wooden cow or sheep or both standing near the barn-shed. He will probably carry out his threat of putting an old bed out in the yard to plant a 'flower bed'. He may also finally hang that huge knight on horseback plaque over the garage door, if I'm not around to stop him. So far, I've been able to prevent all this, but I cannot promise what the future holds. Perhaps you should count your blessings when you see our outhouse.