Friday, June 17, 2011


There's no doubt that I'm a 'people person.' My husband is too, though he's not likely to say so. He says I'm more out-going than he is, and that may be true, but when he's put into a situation where people are, he's wonderfully friendly, laughs easily and sincerely, listens well, and carries on a terrific conversation.

My mother always used to tell me that I would 'collect the oddest characters' as friends. I didn't pay much attention to her then, because she was shy and had only her sisters and a  few friends. I liked everybody.  But as time when on, especially now, looking back, I can see that she was quite right about me. I did have a lot of unorthodox people that I called 'friends.'  Some were pretty quirky but outgrew a lot of that, and are still my friends.  Some were pretty quirky and didn't change while I did. Many of them have parted company with me. I tend to be a friend to the end, no matter what you do, and so I still consider them 'friends' in some obscure way.

Yesterday we met someone who may turn out to be a snap judgements here!  We stopped at a yard sale, drawn in by some artwork we saw on his table.  It turned out that they were 'cypress knees' ...about 3 feet high...pointed at the top, and hand carved with the most characteristic expressions!  They were wonderfully done, and we would have purchased one, but even the smallest of them was a bit pricey for us, though certainly the time and talent warranted the price. You can see some of  them here:

 The artist was the yard-saler, a short man in stature, but tall as can be in personality! He was a bottomless pit of stories and a friendly character,to say the least. He and his wife had just moved into their new home from elsewhere in the state, but he had originally come from West Virginia.  His accent was a mix of all the states he's ever lived in, so it was quite odd. 'Southern' is the only description for West Virginian, South and North Carolinian and Georgia...with a tiny bit of Binghamton, NY thrown in to make things fair.

He seemed taken with us, and finding that Mike worked his whole life caring for trees, Bruce invited Mike to take a look at one of the ones on his property that doesn't look healthy.  He talked to us as if we'd be seeing him again and meeting his wife, who was at work.  He wants to teach Mike how to whittle and carve, the way he does. Mike's not sure about that, he doesn't think he has any talents. Bruce told him that he didn't know he did either until he started doing it. Now he competes and is a blue ribbon winner.  As for me, I'd love to learn that art! But, the offer of teaching wasn't made to was given to Mike. So, maybe I'll just get myself some tools and go to it!

Time will tell whether we'll develop a friendship with this artist. If so, my Mom might just think we've added another character to the collection!