Monday, December 1, 2014


She is the keeper of Sheep. She feeds, cares for, cleans, sleeps with Sheep. She has since Sheep entered her life.

"Sheep" is her best friend. She is a sweet, stuffed animal that I gave to my granddaughter, Abigail, at her time of birth.  Sheep has a small blue cross embroidered over her heart.....and Abigail tells me that means that Jesus lives in Sheep's heart.

Sheep must feel VERY loved. Once, when she got an injury, she spent months wearing the same bandaid on her arm, while Abigail gave her time to heal.   She travels everywhere possible with Abigail, and has for nine years.  She has gone to New York, to Florida, to Massachusetts, and back.  She enjoys those vacations, apparently, but she's actually opted out on a few of the activities, as she's propped herself up on the back of the couch, crosses one leg over the other, and with her hands behind her head, she's said, "Ahhhh....this is the life."   She has quite a personality, too.  She tells Abigail when it's time for another birthday, and tends to have three (or so) birthday parties a year! Sheep invites all the other animals to join, as well as all family members present!

I am quite amused at the enjoyment Sheep brings to her caregiver.  I never dreamed that she would be as popular for as long as she has's been 9 years now. I sometimes wonder whether Sheep will someday walk the aisle with Abigail as she goes to meet her intended!  I'm quite sure that we've got some time to wait for THAT occurence, and as we wait, we'll continue to look forward to those little adventures that Sheep brings forth!
                                 Sheep and Abigail, wearing lambs ears....about 2009