Saturday, February 18, 2012


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New Friends...

Perhaps you remember a blog I wrote some months back about a new group I'm a part of. It's called a Circle Letter group....a bunch of ladies who are becoming pen pals, with real old-fashioned, hand-written letters. A letter started the circle, was sent to the next lady on the list, and so on, until there are 9 letters making their way, in one envelope, back to the original sender, who then writes letter #2, removing her letter #1, and passing on the whole envelope again to the second on the list. Thus begins the circle again.

Our second round was very slow, and I was so impatient!  I received emails from some in the group asking if I could find out where the letter was at a given point. I did so, and prompted the ladies not to hold up the circle, but to try to get their answer back in the mail within a week of receiving the packet.

Well, finally, I received the second letters just the other day!  What a wonderful gift it was, after such a long wait.  These ladies are all from different walks of life, and yet so much about us is similar.  There are crafters and farmers, bakers, cooks, paper artists, and writers. All of us has a spiritual side which we encourage in similar, yet diverse, ways. 

It is fun to share with these ladies and to get to know them and their families. We are becoming new friends, and I do hope that we will continue for many years, sharing prayers, information, recipes, ideas and all the events that life brings us. There is nothing like a girl friend, whether new or old, to be an encouragement to another woman. For me, it is like a gathering of sisters that I never had.  I happen to love people, but connecting with other women is especially precious, and I look forward to learning from these women whatever lessons the come with. 

May each of you be blessed with relationships that are dear to you!