Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Morning

"Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day!"  This August day is starting out with temperatures in the 70's, which will rise to the mid-80's. It's clear without a sign of that horrendous humidity we've suffered with this summer!  It is glorious out there!

The front door is swung open, and the fresh air comes through the screen door.  It feels so good, and has already taken the inside temperature down by three degrees. It doesn't feel stuffy in here any more!  I long for days like these, and I believe I'd be quite pleased if it stayed this way year-round. No, I wouldn't. I'd miss our one yearly snowfall and the crisp, cold, short winters, and the brisk Fall breezes that cause the brilliant colored leaves to dance.  I'd miss the summers too. Really, I would, as much as I gripe about the awful heat! It is actually because of each season's misbehaving that I appreciate the good days that we see!

There is a cacophony of sound coming from our front porch. There's enough breeze this morning to move the windchimes quite well. As the long copper pipes join, the deep, mellow notes fill the air, reminding me of the cleats hitting the  aluminum masts in the harbor back home.  The other windchime
is smaller and higher-pitched. It seems louder, and the sound goes through my head, almost causing me to take them down.  But, I don't...because it's quite melodic when it plays with the deeper one.

That just made me think about people.  Some are easy to be with, some are not. We might like to eliminate those difficult ones from our lives. But they are here, in our lives, for some reason. If they work together with others, the harmony of life can be so sweet!  If they work against everyone they meet, it may be more uncomfortable, but having them in our lives will be giving us something to grow through.  That is not a bad thing, however uncomfortable, is it?

So, this morning is a joy! It is a wonderful entry into another day of activity, of lessons and growth. I'm already enjoying the presence of it and I thank the Creator for it!