Friday, May 4, 2012


Ok...I get it. Food is expensive. Prices are high. Everyone wants to save money. But all this coupon clipping has gone wild.  I can't get into that stuff.  Oh yeah, I want to save a few dollars. I want to get a deal, but I think it's all a scam.  If there's an item that has a coupon, the price has probably been elevated before the coupon will go into effect.  Call me cynical, call me skeptical. Yes, I am.  I don't believe anyone is saving much, compared to the time and effort these people put into finding, clipping, organizing, comparing prices, investigating sales and driving from store to store to use all of these bits of 'money saving' coupons.

That being said, I have been known to use a coupon or two in my day.  Usually it's a 40% off discount on a craft item.  I'll wait for Michael's or Hobby Lobby to put an expensive tool on sale, and then, making sure that it is the one largest priced product in my cart at the check out, I'll turn in the coupon to be used against that tool.  The problem is, I'm not extremely disciplined when it comes to craft stores. I've got a penchant for all sorts of  arts and crafts activities, so if I go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby or the like,  I usually buy more than I'd planned to, coupon or not. 

These stores know that if they can reel you into the store with the idea of saving money with that clipped bargain bit, that you will find something else that wasn't on your list.  In the end, you'll spend more. I save money by NOT going to the place at all.  Of course, if I NEED something, I might decide to purchase that item with a coupon, but I won't be drawn to the store because of it. That's my take on the whole business of couponing!

Are you an extreme couponer?  Do you clip and use them at all?  What are your thoughts?