Monday, March 28, 2011

That Kind of A Day

The other day was cool and gray and rainy.  I didn't mind having that kind of day for a change. The area needs the rain, for sure, and I needed a break from getting the house in shape for guests who would be coming soon.

Something seemed to be missing, though. It felt as if it was the kind of day where a fire on the hearth would be most welcome.  It wasn't that cold, but it seemed to me that the warmth of a fire would improve the atmosphere. Then it occured to me that there was a second ingredient missing. The fireplace.

We bought a farmhouse style home, a newly built one in a subdivision. I love the floorplan and the room, but there are certain things not here that I'd have been pleased to have included, should I have built the place.  Yes, the  deep fireplace of brick, with a swinging crane to hang a cast iron pot from, for nights of cooking on an open flame or popping corn in the long handled metal popper.  It would be framed by a rustic wood 'surround' which included a simple mantle.  Another thing would be wood floors throughout the home, preferably wideboard pine, in warm honey tones.  I agree that it's very nice to wake up and put your bare feet on fuzzy, thick, warm carpet, but I don't like having to clean it or even look at it. It's just not my taste.

The only other things I think I really wish for in this place are two more windows in the living room. Our room faces north, and the front porch roof shields the light, so the sitting room is quite dark and a bit chilly, as well. A window each side  of a fireplace on the side wall would suit the room well. 

Then, of couse, an old-fashioned deep, single, cast-iron kitchen sink, the kind my Grandmother had with the drainboard and backsplash built into it would be perfect.  In my opinion, these stainless steel, small,  double sinks aren't worth the trouble they take to install. You can't get a cookie sheet into them or a large frying pan either.  And one more thing...a deep, cast iron, claw foot tub!  Oh how I miss the one we had in the old house. You could fill it and lie there for a good while, covered by the hot water. When you pulled the plug, the water would still be warm!

Do I sound as if I'm complaining? I hope not. I am just dreaming...  Am I being covetous?  Perhaps I am. I truly am grateful for this house and for our happy life within its walls, but there are things that I think of that would make it even more comfortable. Maybe in time they will make their way into our lives.  In the meantime, I will concentrate on being content with such things as I have. 

Sometimes I do too much thinking. I guess it's just that kind of a day.