Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forgive Me?

Gracious...I have no right to complain just because I lose a couple of blog words. Who do I think I am? Forgive me for my brief, however heartfelt, rant this morning?

There are those among my neighbors who are battling life-threatening illness. There are people from church who are  suffering with illnesses that render them house-bound or in pain on a 24/7 basis. There are large percentages of people without jobs in our state, and some who are homeless due to losing jobs in cutbacks. Who do I think I am to gripe about something so insignificant as my frustrating computer?

It didn't take me long to adjust my attitude and to realize how fortunate I am in my life. I have health, and my family is healthy too. I have all that I need, and far more than I need in some cases.
I am loved by some and I am liked by others. I live a quiet life in a peaceful place. I have a God who watches over me always and sees me through the  difficult times....even computer ailments!

So...this evening, I offer an apology to you, dear readers, and with a grateful heart, I thank God for all that He has brought my way, both good and bad. After would I know good sunny days fell if I didn't have a few rainy ones to compare it to?   Thanks be to God...and to all of you who bring me yourselves and your life experiences and your friendship. I wish you all peace and love and thankful hearts, even on the difficult days. 


This is going to be short and maybe not so sweet..... I was nearly finished with my blog writing this morning, when went off into who-knows-where.  I'm in no mood at this moment to write it all over again.  Check back later, and perhaps there will be another posting.

Sorry... it'll just be a rant if I write again right now.  See you later...