Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is going to be short and maybe not so sweet..... I was nearly finished with my blog writing this morning, when went off into who-knows-where.  I'm in no mood at this moment to write it all over again.  Check back later, and perhaps there will be another posting.

Sorry... it'll just be a rant if I write again right now.  See you later...


  1. OMG! what is up with your PC? I agree how frustrating that would be after it takes me (anyway) forever to decide what to write..and poof gone.
    for a better tomorrow

  2. I almost lost mine today, too. I went to post and it bumped me out to sign in? And I was already signed in? Luckily I hit the back button and it brought me back to my post--which I dutifully copied before I attempted it the second time. Blogger is acting up again. It is free. I have to adapt, I guess. So I'm back to copying everything again before I try to post anything at all.

    Hope the rest of your day went better. :)