Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Thing To Do...

Uhoh...I've just discovered another way to spend time by myself....aka another excuse for not getting something accomplished.  It's called "Words With Friends". It's a game, similar to Scrabble, which I love. Words and I have always had a 'thing' for each other, and I can play this quite well. 

I'm not sure that there is any valid excuse for playing games instead of getting something done, but if you believe psycologists and the like-minded, older minds should be active, doing crossword puzzles, etc. in order to slow the aging process. So, let's chalk up this game...and Text Twist 2 to that endeavor, shall we?

Seriously, I do get things done. Perhaps not as much as I'd like, because I need some more muscle than I am capable of using, and sometimes that isn't available to me without pleading, begging or nagging. I figure it's going to get done, in due time, so unless it's a immediate emergency, why turn myself into a whip-weilding wench, demanding that a job get done 'right NOW!'  My husband keeps himself busy, and is a very giving and caring soul  who does a lot for me and my Mom,  who worked all of his life and is now retired. He doesn't need to spend his retirement years dealing with a  wretched wife. So, as I say, unless it has immediate need, I mention the job, and we get to it 'eventually'. the time I spend NOT being that wretched wife, we spend time together enjoying ourselves. Sometimes we spend time alone...he reads voraciously... educating himself, or just enjoying his books. I spend time on my crafts, my computer, and now with some of these games.  We are each happily ensconced in our pleasures of Senior Living.

Unless we take up swimming at the 'Y' or begin Yoga classes, we may not be in the best of physical shape when we leave this earth, but we'll both be happy...and hopefully with brains kept in tact by the exercising of them with reading and word games!