Monday, March 19, 2012

Honey Do List

Being in the house most of the winter made me lazy.  I couldn't get motivated to do anything that satisfied me.  Now that Spring has come, earlier than the calendar states, my head is full of motivation. Now, we just need to get it to the parts of the body that can do what needs to be done.

I look at the yard and see all that needs to be done, and my mind races to create new areas of  beauty or comfort.  The weeding needs to be done, and the soil needs to be amended and there should be layers of mulch added to the surface.  The Sweet Gum tree stumps that lie on the earth, where we removed offensive growers, need to be killed, or they will return in all their hideous glory, ready to seed the soil with even more of them.  The root of the Mimosa tree, which volunteered to plant itself to near to the septic tank, needs to be dug out, or the fingers of the roots will make their way into the septic drainage piping. The patio needs the fencing surrounding it, and the gardens put in there. The Rose of Sharon bushes and the Mock Orange need to be planted, and the lilies need to be divided. 

The vegetable garden needs to be turned under and the plants need to be chosen and plans placed on paper, so that we'll be ready when it's time to plant them in a few weeks.  I want a stony path from the patio to the shed, and I'd like to have the fire pit built. It's time to plant the Hollyhock plants, which can be placed in the gardens in a few more weeks.

The patio dining set has taken to pitting on the metal arms in a few spots. They need to be ground off and repainted. And oh, we won't even mention the garage clean out!

So much to little strength of body to take it on. We'll never keep up with the speed of my thinking!  Sometimes I feel as if we should just take all of the gardens out and have only the lawn to mow and the hollies in front of the porch to prune. But then I know that I'd miss my blooms.  Maybe I ought to take out everything else, and plant just those wonderful Knock Out roses that take care of themself, for the most part. They are lovely, and bloom for months and months with very little attention.

The Honey-Do list grows rapidly...but the motivation hasn't left the mind...YET.  I'd be willing to do what I can and to hire our strong teen-aged neighbor  to help, but Mike is of the mind that it's more work to 'train' someone than it is to do it himself.  In light of that, I may have to cut back the list by 3/4. I kind of like having him around, and don't want all these chores to work him to death!  Siiiiigh....