Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cookie Day

It's 65 degrees in my living room right now. Some windows are open in the sun room and the bedroom, but everything else is closed up because it's down-right chilly outside.  I think it's a day for cookie baking...among other things.

The oven will warm out the house, so I think I'll do them fairly early.  As the day progresses, the temperatures will rise, and then I won't want to bake. Besides, there are outside things I want to get done today.

So, shall I make chocolate chip cookies or should it be brownies or oatmeal or lemon bars?  I must make one choice...I don't want to be in the kitchen all day!  If I eat breakfast first, which I must because I'm currently famished, I probably won't want to make the cookies anymore.

But I'll do it anyway...because I haven't baked anything in ages.  Mike will be pleased to wake up to the fragrance of something yummy, and he'll be happy to do some real damage to a batch of homemade treats!  I surely do not need them to add to my 'hippie' status, but if they're there, I can tell you truthfully that I'll be eating some (translataion, "too many")  of them.

Well, enough I go!  Breakfast first, then cookies. Come on over if you can smell them baking!  I'd gladly share the joy of adding to your  hips!