Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Thinker

Her name was used in the Bible, in the Psalms. It is placed  at the end of some of them, as emphasis, I believe. I've read that it means 'meditate on this'.  Since the word is also a musical term, meaning 'pause', it must mean that something is worthy of the time it takes to pause and think about it.  The word, the term, her name is Selah.

This child, who is not yet eight years old, has always been unique in many of her ways. She was never one to sleep much. She'd sleep only when she was being held, and then just for a few minutes. If she was put down, she'd immediately waken, and her eyes would be wide open, as though she was concerned that she'd miss something important.  Sometimes she would just stare into the air, making us wonder what she might be thinking about. As she grew, she would mull over everything anyone would say to her, and ask one question after another, until her curiosity seemed to be satisfied.

At an early age, before she could write, she would compose stories,verbally.  Once she'd gathered the skills necessary to put words on paper, she would sit at the table, writing and erasing, thinking, editing, rewriting. I was amazed at her ability to put her stories together in legible form, with beginning, content and ending, and very little wandering. She often surprised us with the subject matter of her compositions and conversations. It often felt as if we were dealing with a tiny adult person with a mind far more advanced than our own.

This child is a thinker, there is no doubt. She's proved that to us again and again.  The other day, she rocked me to the greatest degree ever, since her birth.  She had this conversation with her mother. Her lines begin with the "S"...her Mom is the "E".  

Conversation between daughter Erinne, and granddaughter, Selah

S: I have it figured out.
E: You're not even 8. What have you got figured out?
S: All of it
...E: I'm 40 and I haven't got it figured out. Can you teach me?
S: Well, yes. See, all of time is a chapter book.
E: Yes?
S: And each year gets it's own chapter. We're on chapter 2011.
E: Okay, I follow.
S: And each day gets its own page.
E: I love this.
S: And we just have to keep reading until God stops writing.
Yes...Selah is a thinker.... and a deep one.  I believe that she has got it all figured out.