Friday, September 28, 2012

Images of Charleston 2

These photos show some of the unique and beautiful  architecture in the city of Charleston. These buildings are historic ones, some inns and homes which bear million dollar price tags. 
I love this window trim on this hotel which goes back before the  Civil War, which much of the city does.

This trimwork is on a historic home where a sly woman invited the military leaders of troops on both the Union and the Confederate sides to dinner, at the same time on the same night! They all got along 'fine', as the story goes, but of course, after they left, war continued among them.  By the way, this woman had four daughters,which were hidden in the attic (3rd floor) while all the soldiers were present... 
This fencing fronts the home pictured above....and  if that doesn't keep someone out, nothing would!

I am particularly partial to this building. It has beautiful woodwork, turrets, details, a Tiffany stained glass window and a replica of the Arc d'Triumph made of stone (granite,I think) on the roof! This is now an Inn...but was originally built before the Civil War by a jeweller for his daughter as a wedding gift...$75,000 in that day,without windows. Today it would cost well over  a million to build the same thing.  This Inn overlooks a park, and the Charleston Harbor, sitting on a corner lot in the ritzy area of the city,called 'The High Battery.'

This building is owned by the Hiberians,and shows some of the Greek architecture in the city.

Many of the homes in Charleston  are graced with these double or triple porches or  'piazzas'. Look at the ceiling fans on each porch ceiling, and the wood plank ceilings and turned railings and dental mouldings!  Some of these  porches are 'privatized' by hedges or walls to the street, with a 'privacy door' that would be locked in order that no one could enter the porch or see what was happening on the porch!

More photos tomorrow!