Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It's interesting how life moves along on a fairly even pace, and then POW!  Everything changes fast.  In recent weeks I've been effected, not by my own stresses, but things that are happening in the lives of others I have contacts with.

People tend to deal with stress anyway they can. For me, after years and years of trying to 'fix' everything myself, I've learned to pray about it. I've learned to pray about everything. It's the only way I've found that keeps my spirit at peace. I've been called a zealot, and a host of other names because of my faith that God can handle all things better than I can. Who cares? Not's MY life and MY way of living it.

I see others struggling, sagging under the weight of their situations. I see them saying they want to give up, 'what's the use.'  I see them saying that they want God to come and take them to Heaven because this life is too much for them. I see others crying or taking medicines in order to handle whatever the stress is at the moment.

It makes me sad to see these that I care about in such dire straights. I would love to jump in and take it over for the. I'd love to use every word I know that could soothe them. I'd like to dismantle the problems or the people causing them, but it's not within my capabilities.  My heart goes out to these whose presentations from life cause them such anguish. Since I can't do much to help except to listen, to offer a soft word or two, I lift them up to the God who has helped me so often. I know what He can do, I've seen miracles happen. He's just waiting to be asked.

And so....Reader, whoever you are....though I may not know you personally, I know that you have times of stress and anxiety. We all do, because we're human. Know this. Today, I will lift you, un-named before my Lord, and will ask on your behalf that your burdens will be lighter, your fears dissolved. I will pray that you will be reminded that you cannot do it all alone, and that there is someone who can and will change things for you, if you will ask.

Be blessed, dear friends, with peace and comfort today. You've got a friend on earth, and a greater one in Heaven. Talk with Him.