Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One of my blog readers has been hinting that I've been away from it too long and need to get back at it. My answer to her was that you have to be able to string 3 thoughts together in some comprehensible fashion in order to write. She knows, full well, that I've been entertaining two granddaughters this summer, and my thoughts have been revolving around their interests, ideas, and activities. There's not much time for thinking, other than that.

Thinking about kids and their schedules and needs, and how to best keep them occupied is a challenge at times, especially when they are not your own children. You always do what you think is best, but have something in the back of your head which asks you, 'would this be ok with their mother?' or 'how do I make both of them happy?' That's a tough one, when with nearly three years separating their ages, and very different personalities, their interests vary to great degrees. As I said, you just do what you think is best, and let the chips fall where they may.

This summer we've done far less than we did last year. I had a list of things that we'd planned to do with the girls, but for one or another reason, many of them haven't been accomplished. We've done the usual painting and drawing and some beading. Much time has been spent crafting at home. Each of girls has a sewing project, some woven pot holders, an artificial flower arrangement, and a creatively-formed scrapbook of photos to take home. We've visited with family in Georgia twice, with pool time and a birthday celebration. We've got another Aunt and cousins coming on Saturday. There was a visit to a bluegrass pickin' session. We've had some church activities and we've spent some time with friends. On Friday night we'll have a hot dog roast and s'mores around our neighbors fire pit.

There have been other challenges, as well. Gram and Papa are a year older this year, and each has a physical ailment that has slowed them down a bit since last year. Add to that one pre-teen with mood swings and one very fussy eater, and you can see how my thoughts have been directed! I'm not complaining. It's just life with children, as all parents and grandparents know. Time is not your own when you are involved with children, and you must think about them with every thought.

Now the visit is nearly over and we're planning the trip home. My brain is being taxed as I try to help them locate all of their electrical gadgets (hand-held Nintendo DS, cell phone, dvd player, etc and all assorted wires and chargers) Since I'm technically challenged, I don't even know what these things are called in some cases! I wish I'd made an inventory list when they arrived, as I'm not aware of what they brought, let alone where it might be at this point. Their clothing needs to be gathered, laundry needs to be done, and bags packed. Since we'll be taking four days to travel the 900 miles to their Mom, we've decided that the easiest way to pack would be to put 3 outfits and night wear into an overnight bag that will go in and out of motels with us, so that 4 people don't have to lug huge bags every step of the way.

Trips always require a good deal of planning. Lists abound: bank for cash, new cell phone, don't forget PRESCRIPTIONS, store for traveling food and drinks, reservations, attractions to see and things to do, how to best pack the van. The calendar is full this last week: youth night at church, brake job for the van, visit from relatives, hot dog roast, ice cream social. The calendar is empty, however, when compared to this head on my shoulders!

Having said all of that, there is no better thought than to think of those we love. I've been blessed to have these girls here to think about and share my days with since the end of June. Already, I'm looking forward to our next time together. I know that my long months without them around will be full of thoughts of them and what activities they are involved in that we can't be sharing because of the distance between our homes.

Blog thoughts will just have to wait until my return home. I hope I'll still have a reader left by that time!


  1. Sound like they had a wonderful time with you...with plenty to do and remember. And from your previous post, it sounds like there will be more fun on the way home. They are always going to remember this time.

  2. As soon as you drop them off you will miss them like crazy. Such is a grandparent's plight! They exhaust you and wear you out but you love them like crazy and can't stand not being with them....nice blog!