Friday, March 18, 2011

Decorating: Part 2

Waiting seems to work. If I keep listening and remember, things fall into place. There were a collection of 'ideas' gathered from things Mom has said over some period of time. "I'd like a rug with a border around it, but a pattern in the center, not a plain center." "I'd like a rocking chair." "I want to use burgandy in my living room." So, when I spotted a large area rug with burgandy, cream and a little leaf green, I knew it would be perfect. The price was good too, so I immediately called Mom to tell her about it. She trusted my judgement, and I purchased it. It turns out that it's perfect! Whew!

Now...the couch is covered with a burgandy slipcover, with cream throw pillows. The rug is in place, the rocker is in the corner. Mom happened to have some burgandy fabric with a slight pattern with which to cover the wicker chair cushions. I had some sheer drapes which I gave to her that will work well in the room. So far, so good.

Since Mom doesn't watch tv much, I would truly like to either remove from the room and put it into her computer room or to find a small, taller unit in which to place it. It currently sits on a heavy table. It's an older, 'bulky' model, rather than a sleek flat screen. It works fine, so there's no need to replace it, but it does cause the eye to take note of it's husky shape. Maybe we'll get to that. I'd also like to see a nice book case for the wall between the living room and the kitchen, and perhaps some standing lamps, rather than the too-short table lamps. I think the table lamps prevent Mom from seeing to the best of her limited ability.

The next step in the process now is to get the samplers and photos in place on the wall. She also has a small quilt that she made which she wants to hang over her couch. We just need to figure out how to hang it so that it is best displayed. Personally, I think the quilt pattern is a bit too 'busy' for the room, but it is Mom's decision and I'll do what she likes.

It's surprising how uplifting a 're-do' is, whether it is to our physical appearance or to our surrounding space. The job is nearly done, and thus far, Mom seems to be very happy with the way things look. We'll stay on the hunt for whatever idea comes up, and before you know it, Mom will be sitting in a room that is completely renewed!

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  1. I love that you can help your mom in this way. I am totally without a decorating "gene." :-)
    I am having trouble commenting from Blogger...don't know what the issue is. I am having to file "anonymously".