Monday, March 21, 2011

A Different Blog Entry

This morning I'll present a different sort of blog entry.  Sometimes you get 'writer's block'  or feel that what you have to write is 'flat' and not worth presenting. So, for fun, I looked for an idea that would kick start my creative engine. The idea here is to write about two characters, with the Bible being one of them.  This is  what the result was, once I started writing.  I don't know whether I will return to this, or whether it is finished. We will see in the future.

Bible sits upon the book shelf, lonely, silent and ignored. One day, Owner comes to the bookshelf, scanning the titles, anxious for something to read that will take his mind off the many weighty issues he thinks about. Bible whispers, "choose me, choose me! I can help you."

Owner chooses a crime novel, not a light-hearted story, for sure. Bible slips back into silent retreat, the whispered desires have been unheard. Owner walks away and plunks himself heavily into his arm chair. As he begins to read, the words wind around his inner thoughts, and briefly take him away to a world darker than his own life. But it doesn't last, and before long, Owner's life invades his thoughts again.

Bible watches as Owner puts the book down on his side table and lays his head against the back of the recliner. He put his hand up to his forehead and rubbed his temples. As he did, he tapped his foot as his stress returned. His life was plagued with upset these days. His place of employment was cutting jobs a few at a time, and he felt that his might be one of them in the near future. It is never a good time to lose a job, but now would be the worst. In his area, work was scarce, and he would be over-qualified for anything that might be available. On top of that, his life had been one big party-time, and he was reaping the benefits of that.

Bible could see these looming clouds and knew that there were things between his covers  that could help to encourage Owner. But, Bible would not shout out. He would not plunge himself into the hands of Owner when the books were being scanned. Bible sat patiently waiting. Perhaps there would come a time in the future when Owner would notice that Bible was there.

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