Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Lazy Saturday

It's  Saturday, with the rain pounding on the roof. I  love Saturdays...and I love rain.  I don't feel particularly ambitious, having spent a restless night...again.  This weather causes me to feel sleepy, too, so I'm thinking that today's work load will be lighter than usual, letting machines do most of the the laundry and the dishes.

I have a lot of 'busy work' to do too. I've got to think of a menu plan for guests who will be here next month, and see what's in the larder and what needs to be shopped for. There is mending waiting and my cards to make for our church people's birthdays, etc.  I'm making a gift for a new baby, too, so perhaps I'll get to that in awhile.  The heavier things will wait until next week, I guess. 

My plans to do some sanding and painting of some wooden items for the house will have to wait too.  I started yesterday, and got the bench painted. It needs another coat, though, before I can sand the spots I need to in order to make it look more primitive.  How silly is that, really? To purchase a wooden bench, newly made by an Amish man, John Bieler, many years ago in New Holland, Pennsylvania, hold on to it all this time, and then sand it, paint it, and scuff it up to look old?  Well, silly or not...that's what I'm doing.

I seem to have a want to make things look old, even if they aren't, in my decorating. It's my current fad, while I do my best to ward off my own aging!  It's kind of ironic, I guess. I don't go overboard on trying to make things look older, most of them already ARE pre-used things. More than that, I don't put a great deal of exertion in trying to preserve my own youth, either.  I sort of go with the flow, doing the best I can to look as well as I can, while preserving as much health as I am able. 

But today, I barely have the energy to put moisturizer on my skin!  I'm grateful that I have nothing pressing to do and absolutely nowhere to go.   It truly is a lazy Saturday!

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