Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Hairdressing

When I was eleven, we moved from Gramma's house, and into our newly-built one a mile or so away. Our new neighbors took notice of the dolls hairdos when we girls would play together. One mother was quite 'impressed' by my young skillfullness, and asked me if I would set her hair in her rollers.

I had begun using them some on my own hair by that time, and I knew I could do it. At the appointed time, I went to her house and was surprised to see a can of beer on the table. Our family didn't drink any sort of alcoholic beverage, and to me, the smell of that stuff was awful. Another surprise awaited me when she asked me to comb the beer through each strand of hair before it was rolled! I certainly hadn't heard of such a thing before, but she explained that when it dried, it would hold the set longer, and would have no odor at all. Well, I supposed in my young mind that wearing beer on your head would be more healthy than drinking that awful smelling stuff.

Her trick did seem to accomplish the desired result, and she was pleased with my neat rolling of her hair. She asked me many times in the years we lived side by side to set her hair in that way....and to my recollectiion, I never turned her down. It was my first paid hairdressing job. Another neighbor, too, sometimes had me set and style her hair. I was grateful that she, too, didn't use the beer applications.

Thus began my road to becoming a 'real' hairdresser!

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