Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weather Changes

Mother Nature must be hormonal. She certainly suffers from mood swings! After weeks of having our heat turned off, the house was below 59 deg this morning and the heat automatically turned on.

I've been enjoying the days when the thermometer outside reached 70. We can open the doors and windows and flush out the stale air in the house. We can sit on the porch and enjoy a visit with the neighbors who seem to hibernate in the winter. We can get out in the fresh air and use our new-found energy to accomplish some Spring clean up in the yard, before those higher temperatures hit.

Today, I think it'll be a good day to stay inside and clean out the closet. I've got a huge bag of clothing to go to one of the charities in the area. Since it hasn't found it's way out the door yet, I'll see if there's anything else that can go along. I'll also explore the pantry to see if I have all things necessary to make a pot of chili for supper.

Ah...wait! The morning news just gave the weather report, and though it was below freezing when I woke up, it will climb into the high 60's today. Now, I'll have to 'rewind my mind' and work on Plan B.

All I can say is, it's a good thing I'm flexible!

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