Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Company's Coming

Friends from Connecticut will be at my doorstep tomorrow, and with so much to do, I have no business sitting in front of this computer screen. I've still got the dusting and vacuuming to do and I need to get the bathrooms final cleaning done. 

The guest room is finished, with a new quilt on the bed. The other one is great for winter, but since our temperatures have been as high as 90 deg already, I thought it might look better to have a lighter look. The new coverlet is soft peach and green patchwork. Thank you, Bed,Bath and Beyond!  There's a soft smelling pot pourri in the room too. It smells like Springtime.  The 'art' on the walls are actually photos of some blossoms in my garden which I had enlarged and framed.

Our windows sparkle, thanks to my husband and a bottle of some concoction called  'Invisible Glass.'  I can't tell you how I appreciate all he's done with and for me in this endeavor to get the house in 'perfect' shape. He went beyond the call of duty. I asked if he could climb up to wipe down the top part of the cabinets, where I can't reach. Not only did he do that, he wiped down all of the cabinets from the very top to the floor. He's the best!

We will go to the grocery store to pick up whatever we're missing for our guest's three days feeding.  We've got to go to the bank and run a few other errands. I hope there will be time to stop in at my favorite hair dresser for a haircut. I look like 'the wreck of the Hesparis' as my Mom used to say.

Things are not getting done this way, as I sit, are they?  I'll say farewell until next time, which might be after our friends' departure on Saturday. Be good, dear readers, while I'm busy chattering and laughing, entertaining and feeding, enjoying our time with our beloved friends!


  1. So happy for you that you are having friends come to visit! Hope you have a wonderful time!


  2. Enjoy your time with friend Mama. I will hopefully be the next "guest" for Easter.

  3. Have a great time and don't fret too much!

  4. Enjoy!!!

    So happy that you have a helpful husband. I'm lucky enough to have one of those, too. :-)


    Gentle hugs,