Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Waste of Time?

 I spend quite a bit time on the computer, mostly on Facebook. I bounce in and out all day long, on some days. On others, I'll limit my time there, so that I can accomplish what I need to in that day.  Some seem to think it's a 'waste of time' to sit here in front of a screen, chatting away.  I don't feel that way.

Facebook is a wonderful tool for me, as it allows me to converse with my children every day, and to see the most current of their pictures and keep up with their lives, albeit electronically.  Since I hate the telephone, and most of them do too, it's easier and much more 'visual' to use a networking site.  There is one problem with it, though.  I often get caught by another person...a friend or another relative...before I can get off the computer. Then I find myself involved in another interesting visit, and before you know it...

Well, you get the idea. You may also have the same situation.  As long as I get my chores done, and whatever else that's called for my attention, I don't feel guilty about the time I spend on the computer. I'm having visits with those who are not near enough for a physical one. I'm comforting or listening to family members. I'm keeping the lines of communication open with grandchildren who live far away. I'm loving my loved ones.   People are important to me. Reliving moments with old friends is enjoyable and getting to know them again is special to me.  Sometimes I'm just a sounding board or a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes we're laughing as we visit. Sometimes we're competing in a game. Whatever it is, it is keeping connected in a way that we can't face to face.

Should I limit my time?  Yes, sometimes...but not if I have to cut off a friend in need.  I am disciplined enough to listen for a bit, offer what I can, and then make my exit without them feeling that I don't care.  Should I walk away from the computer when I really have nothing pressing to do?  I don't think so.  What is the difference whether I am sitting with a book or a hobby, or whether I am reading blogs online, or doing genealogy research which will be passed on to my family?  My aching body limits my standing, and I need to take frequent breaks.  I do what I can during my standing time. When I'm sitting, I am often doing other things...bill paying. for instance. If I'm not doing a 'sit down' chore, you might see me checking in on Facebook. You also might 'see' me there when I'm not, as I never shut down my account, but leave it running for convenience.

And... I don't feel  one bit guilty or that it is a waste of time.

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  1. And a wise lady, you are.

    And in fact, I'm of the persuasion that guilt is never, never, never useful. It does nothing productive, and only hurts the one who is feeling it. Pishhhh-tushhhhhh... What good is that?

    Gentle hugs,