Friday, May 6, 2011

Another New Look...

I'm having a grand time with these blog decorations!  I think I've found one that I can live with for a few minutes.  But then...we'll see! Again, thank you, Aunt Amelia's Attic for giving me some instruction on this. Without her, I'd still be looking 'blah'.

I've been exploring 'free blog designs' and finding many.  I'm saving the sites, so beware, there will probably be lots of  blog wardrobe changes in the future.

And speaking of wardrobe changes, around the time of the Royal Wedding, I wrote an entry about hats.  Yesterday, after my short cut, I went through my hat box, and I tried them all on.  Since I feel now that my head is too small in proportion to my body, I think I shall add a chapeau on Sunday.  I've an assortment of them, including two 'dressy' ones and many more casual straw ones.  I'll pair them up with proper outfits, and perhaps I'll feel a little more 'balanced.'  Or, because noone else wears hats very often, I may feel even more conspicuous.

Isn't it amazing how terribly prone to vainity we are? We discover it when we are faced with something about our looks that we can't easily accept.  Some of us wear make up to cover age spots or freckles, or just because we think we look better with a layer of something over our own skin.  Some of us color our hair when the first sign of gray appears.  We step on the scale and it shows numbers that are 'too high' according to our thinking, and so we  decide to change that by dieting and/or exercising.  If we are dissatisfied with our wardrobe, we go shopping and we change it.  We make changes because we like changes, even if we think we don't.

It is the same with our homes. We want them to be comfortable, to look cozy and welcoming. We want them to be up-to-date in colors and furnishings.  In our yards, we plant our gardens, which change on their own, according to the seasons and growth patterns of the flowers and bushes we put in. 

Certain changes come with life and others are made by our decisions.  Attitude adjustments, live-changing decisions, physical re-do's or redecorating...none is a bad idea in my opinion.   What do you think,  dear readers?


  1. I think that the only constant in life, is change. :-)

    And I think that [most of the time], that's great! I say most-of-the-time, because no one likes the painful changes. But other than painful changes, I think that change is great.

    Who would want to remain exactly the same, throughout a lifetime?!? Can you imagine it? To never change, a bit???

    First of all, our bod changes on us, whether we choose it or not! So bod changes of age, are out of our control. But.............

    What if we kind-of *preserved ourself in amber*, way back when we first thought we had life figured out? And we never changed a view, or a *rule* or an attitude or a like or a dislike or... Etc.? What if?

    What if we were the exact same person, after 50 years had gone by... The exact same person we were, at 20, say? Bleahhhhh... How boring!!! How stiffeling!!! How dull!!!

    One could say that my husband has had a lot of different wives, over our 52 years of marriage. :-) Oh baby yes! And isn't that wonderful? What a bore, to be stuck with the exact same person he married, 52 years ago!!! I'd be something to prop up in a corner and dust, now and then. -giggggles-

    So, I vote for acceptance of change. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  2. And I'm sooooooooo glad that I talked-you-into trying blog look change! Wheeeeeeeeeeee... Yesss! It's fun, fun, fun. :-)

    Have you yet found The Background fairy"? I love Karen to-pieces and have followed her blog site for ages.

    Right at the moment, I have gone back to very plain look. After making a lot of my own "too, too cutesy pooh" Backgrounds. :-) I kind of got burned out on that phase, and returned to plain.


    Who knows when I'll get the urge to change my blog look again?!? And I'll be off-and-running, with something different, again! I love it!

    What free fun! Free fun which hurts no one and doesn't even mess up our house... Like lots of crafting does. -giggles-


    Gentle hugs,

  3. Thank you for the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOrah information!

    Gentle hugs...

  4. Love this background design! Where did you find it? I'm always on the look out for more great sites with nice backgrounds though I don't change very often.